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Sher2 started this conversation

I have repeatedly asked Kaplan University to QUIT emailing me. I am a retired widow and have no intention of going to college or continuing my education any further.  I have blocked a couple of their addresses but I still continue to get them. Short of changing my email address I am at a loss as of what to do.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Could someone start a "Do No Email" list like the "Do Not Call" list? 


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Kaplan’s fraudulent scheme which is similar to the University of Phoenix and other for profit institutions of higher learning are sanctioned and approved by its accreditors (NCA CASI). The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) are accreditation divisions of AdvancED.

No where along the line has the taxpayer heard one word of the co-conspirators permitting such criminal activity. Even though these for profit institutions have been continuously fined by the government and have paid these fines with our tax dollars to remain in business, the “accreditors” continue to support these criminal enterprises. The only way that these for profit institutions can continue to qualify for federal financial aid programs is if they are accredited by a regional accreditation agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education does recognize NCA CASI and SACS CASI for the accreditation of colleges and universities. I would recommend that you call the AdvancED office and ask why they are providing Kaplan with a “license to steal” and continue to support this criminal enterprise. The AdvancED office phone number is 1-888-413-3669 Ext. 5553 or Ext. 6964. Their web site is

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Just friggin IGGY EM! lol...(ignore them?)

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 in response to KaplanIsAScam...   

comment to KaplanIsAScam:---I take it you were scammed by Kaplan, or is this the way you always speak (write) to others? I am sorry if you were scammed but you could probably get your point across to others much better without the gutter language. Just give it a try. sheshe030

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 in response to windows...   

No sorry stupid, it's Kaplan.  They hire the spammers and unethical marketers to bring them the dumbass students who fall for their bullshit sales pitch, pay thousands and thousands of dollars then graduate with a degree that NO ONE recognizes and then gripe that they were ripped off......well NO SHIT!!!!   Wake up dumbasses, you knew it was bullshit when you tried to get a degree without doing all the work that normal students do, dumbfuck.  Kaplan is nothing more than a Bernie Madoff type scam.....taking your money, promising you great things, then fucking you in the ass and leaving you with nothing!!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!

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No, Kaplan is a SCAM.  They rip people off and sell degrees that are not worth shit.  They aren't recognized by other educational institutions, so you are SOL after you've borrowed tons of money and paid them over $63,000 for a bachelor's degree, what a fucking farce!!!!  $63,000 for an online degree that isn't worth shit.  IF you are a total dumbass, go to Kaplan.

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I hear you, I never got my money back when they garanteed me my $70 enrollment back.


They are Scammers and do not and I mean DO NOT go for that school. IF your going to school I recommend you to go to your local school near you and or you visit the school and or you really think and study the information about the school before signing up with idiots that don't know how to talk like human beings and treat you with respect. They talk like robots and just don't want to give your money back.


They even call you like mad and ask you personal questions why, why and more why's you don't want to join up with Kaplan University.


Don't fall for something you have a gut feeling its wrong.

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Its probably not Kaplan.  Its most likely a spammer.  I get the same ones. The only thing you can do is get a spam filter. If that doesn't work your out of luck.

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